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what does correct score any other mean
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п»їBest Correct Score Football Betting Sites.
As the name of the bet suggests, a correct score bet is simply a wager on what the final score of any given football match will be. In this post I plan to cover the best betting sites for correct score betting along with how to win betting on the correct score of football matches more often.
It can be pretty difficult to predict the correct score of any given football fixture but there are things you can do to improve your strike rate and win more often than you are at the moment. The first you need to do is sort out where you’re placing your bets and move to the bookmakers I suggest below.
Quick Tip: If it’s actually correct score tips/predictions you’re looking for then the best place to check would be the cheeky punter tips section.
Best Bookmakers for Correct Score Betting.
The following is a list of the best bookmakers for correct score bets & why:
Betvictor – best odds on football Bet365 – top bonus William Hill – acca insurance Betfred – most promotions Coral – weekly loyalty offers 888Sport – 300% welcome bonus.
How to Win Betting on the Correct Score of Football Matches.
Now you know my best betting site for correct score betting lets move on to how to win betting on the correct score of football matches. It’s not an exhaustive guide below but it should give you an idea of how you can up your strike rate with this bet type.
Select the most common results – Statistics show that the average football match has around 2.6 goals in it. As such selecting scores that adhere to this principle means that statistically you have more chance of a winning correct score bet.
Weight the home team in favour of the away – Home teams tend to outscore away teams by an average of around a goal per game, as such when selecting a score remember to give the home team a slight advantage. Of course, use common sense too, especially in cup matches where the away team may be markedly better than the home, but if you are deciding on a 2-1 or 1-2 scoreline, remember in most cases, statistically the home team tends to win the game.
Don’t just rely on statistics – The beauty of football is that for all the statistics and analysis, there is always the chance that any game can completely be out of character. As such, use your knowledge of football too to help inform your bet. Check the form of each of the teams involved in the game, how many goals do the score and concede on average at home, or away from home. Do they have any players returning from injury who may help improve the team, or do they have players injured, suspended or otherwise not playing who may impact on the teams overall effectiveness?
Check the history of the fixture – If you are serious about correct score betting strategy then you need to check the history of the fixture you’re betting on – this applies mainly to league fixtures. Historically some matches tend to be more high scoring affairs than others are. Remember though, current form is generally a better indicator for a correct score prediction than historical matches, but history is useful for providing a long-term context for the bet.
What is the context of the game? – The context of the game can massively influence how each of the teams competing approach the game. If, for example, you are betting on the second leg of a European tie where one team needs to win the game by several goals, this will radically impact how they approach the game and could well lead to more goalscoring chances for both teams. Try and get inside the head of the manager to decide how the teams are likely to approach this game.
Alternative Correct Score Bets.
There are a couple of other correct score bets that are popular with punters.
Half Time Correct Score.
One is the half time correct score bet, which as the name suggests, is when a punter backs a scoreline that they feel will be reflected at half time. Obviously, this bet offers less scope for the higher scores (few games are 3-3 before the interval and a large proportion may have no, or just one goal.
Half Time/Full Time Correct Score.
The Half Time/Full Time Correct Score bet is in effect a double, where the punter backs what the score will be at half time and then doubles that with the full time score. These bets are very difficult to predict however and offer relatively little chance of success, however they do certainly offer the best odds available in the market with even wagers of 0-0 half time, 1-0 full time paying out at excellent odds.

Correct Score Prediction & Picks.
Get all the information you need for placing bets on correct score Market.
Correct Score Tips for Today.
Tottenham vs Chelsea.
Tottenham 0-2 Chelsea at 8/1 with 10 Bet.
SC Farense vs Santa Clara.
SC Farense 2-1 Santa Clara at 9/1 with Betway.
Belenenses vs FC Porto.
Belenenses 0-3 FC Porto at 15/2 with Bet365.
Braga vs Portimonense.
Braga 3-0 Portimonense at 8/1 with 888sports.
FC Famalicao vs Moreirense.
FC Famalicao 2-1 Moreirense at 15/2 with Ladbrokes.
Recommended Free Bets & Bonus Offers For football.
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Correct Score 4th Feb 2021.
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Both Teams To Score Tips.
Fantasy Football Tips.
Soccer Saturday Super 6.
Upcoming Matches (Time as per GMT)
Correct Score Betting Tips.
Correct Score bets are some of the most popular football bets to place, and yet they are also some of the hardest to get right. As a result, the odds – and potential rewards – when you do can mean a decent pay-out in your favour.
What is a Correct Score Bet?
A Correct Score bet, unsurprisingly, is a single bet on the final score of a game. As mentioned, it is one of the hardest bets to get right, but as a result you will get good odds on each selection.
Usually, the odds are shorter for lower scoring games – 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1 – and they increase gradually as you bet on more goals being scored.
Why bet on Correct Score?
While they are the hardest to get right, and you can often be waiting for some time for a payout, thanks to the increased odds available for a correct score bet the payouts are often well worth waiting for.
Providing you bet sensibly, you only need a handful of correct scores to payout each season to finish the year in profit and, as we will cover below, there are plenty of ways to improve your odds of getting a correct score bet right.
Correct Score Tips: Bet types and how to improve your potential returns.
It is difficult to correctly predict the exact score of a football match, but there are many ways you can improve your chances of placing a successful bet. Study the form, look for games where less goals are likely to be scored and look at leagues where match outcomes tend to be easier to predict. Let’s take a closer look…
What to look out for when betting on Correct Score.
One of the first things you do when betting on the correct score of a football match is avoid picking games where you think plenty of goals will be scored.
Of course, the bigger scorelines will return greater odds and more potential profit, but there’s a reason for that – it’s less likely to be successful. Even if you think a match will be a one-sided affair, with one team dominating, there are so many different variations of how that scoreline – even if you predicted the outcome (i.e. a big win for one team) correctly – could look. Anything, really, above a 3-0 win would be considered a big victory. Will the team step off the gas after building such a lead? Will the opposing team snatch a consolation? The number of scorelines that would be considered ‘high-scoring’ are vast, whereas if you correctly pick a low-scoring game, there are only really four outcomes to look out for.
Low-scoring matches.
Study the form book, and if you have found two teams playing each other who tend not to score – or concede – many goals, you have a good starting point for a successful correct score bet.
For starters, a game with few goals will finish one of four ways – 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1. If you are correct in predicting the low-scoring game, there is a one-in-four chance, effectively, that you will then have picked the correct scoreline too.
The odds are lower for those scorelines, but given 1,782 matches finished 1-0 to either side in the first 25 years of the Premier League – no other outcome occurred more than 1500 times – you can see there are going to be more payouts. For the record, in that period, 1,140 finished 1-1 and 828 were goalless draws.
However, we would advise normally looking away from the Premier League (see below) due to the more unpredictable nature of the league compared to some of EuropeРІР‚в„ўs other top divisions.
Correctly identifying a low-scoring match also offers the chance of a consolation should you bet through Bet365 too – we’ve detailed how to take advantage of their "Bore Draw Money Back" offer below.
But where should you be looking for these low-scoring matches?
Regimented leagues.
The Premier League is often viewed as being the best league in the world, by commentators prone to hyperbole, thanks to its unpredictable nature. High-scoring games are common and, as many managers like to point out ‘anyone can beat anyone’. Of course, that bit is true for every league, but in the Premier League it seems to ring true more often.
Instead, you need to find leagues where low-scoring games are common – the German Bundesliga, for example. With teams known typically for their organised defences and regimented formations, just less than 25 per cent of all matches played before the winter break in the 2017/18 finished either 1-0 to the home team or 1-1.
Both teams to score; over 2.5 goals in match.
Another popular type of football bet is a combined BTTS/over 2.5 goals in match bet, and when predicting the correct score a 2-1 win is another result worth betting on.
Indeed, in the first 25 years of the Premier League as we quoted above, the second most common scoreline was 2-1 – occurring 1,455 times.
If you choose the BTTS/more than 2.5 goals in match bet, you will likely get slightly lower odds than if you specifically back a team to win 2-1 – and yet it is a relatively common scoreline.
In La Liga, 14 per cent of matches in the 2017/18 season – at the time of writing – finished 2-1 to either the home or away team, while in the Scottish Premiership that total goes up to more than 18 per cent; on average, that means one team every weekend in the Scottish Premiership will win a game 2-1. And yet you can still get odds of around 8/1-9/1 of the favourites winning 2-1 in a typical Scottish Premiership match market.
Picking a 2-1 scoreline can also keep your bet alive for longer than if you back a 1-0. No matter who scores first, your bet still has a chance of winning. ItРІР‚в„ўs no use if it ultimately fails, but nobody wants to be reaching half-time or even earlier on match day having already had to tear up their betting slip.
Pick a score, and stick with it.
Once you have identified the potential low-scoring games, it is best to stick with a scoreline when placing correct score bets.
Sure, the chance of every game you bet on finishing with that scoreline is extremely low, but some are likely too at least meaning you will get at least some payouts if you pick your games well. Constantly change your predicted score around and, in actual fact, you are reducing the probability of your correct score bet coming off.
How can you take advantage of Bet365РІР‚в„ўs Bore Draw Money Back Offer?
We have already mentioned the bonus of a consolation if you pick a low-scoring game through Bet365.
Bet365 offer money back on any Correct Score, Half-Time/Full-Time or Scorecast bets if the match in question finishes 0-0. So if you have correctly identified a low-scoring game, that ends up finishing goalless, you will get your money back at least – even if your 1-0 Correct Score bet is therefore not successful.

Understanding Scaled Scores.
Scaled scores are a type of exam score. They are commonly used by testing companies that administer high stakes exams, such as admissions, certification and licensure exams. Scaled scores are also used for K-12 Common Core testing and other exams that assess student skills and evaluate learning progress.
Raw Scores vs. Scaled Scores.
The first step to understanding scaled scores is to learn how they differ from raw scores. A raw score represents the number of exam questions you answer correctly. For example, if an exam has 100 questions, and you get 80 of them correct, your raw score is 80. Your percent-correct score, which is a type of raw score, is 80%, and your grade is a B-.
A scaled score is a raw score that has been adjusted and converted to a standardized scale. If your raw score is 80 (because you got 80 out of 100 questions correct), that score is adjusted and converted into a scaled score. Raw scores can be converted linearly or nonlinearly.
Scaled Score Example.
The ACT is an example of an exam that uses linear transformation to convert raw scores to scaled scores. The following conversation chart shows how raw scores from each section of the ACT are transformed into scaled scores.
The Equating Process.
The scaling process creates a base scale that serves as a reference for another process known as equating. The equating process is necessary to account for differences between multiple versions of the same test.
Although test makers try to keep the difficulty level of a test the same from one version to the next, differences are inevitable. Equating allows the test maker to statistically adjust scores so that the average performance on version one of the test is equal to average performance on version two of the test, version three of the test and so on.
After undergoing both scaling and equating, scaled scores should be interchangeable and easily comparable no matter which version of the test was taken.
Equating Example.
Let's look at an example to see how the equating process can impact scaled scores on standardized tests. Imagine that say you and a friend are taking the SAT. You will both be taking the exam at the same test center, but you will be taking the test in January, and your friend will be taking the test in February. You have different testing dates, and there is no guarantee that you will both take the same version of the SAT. You may see one form of the test, while your friend sees another. Although both tests have similar content, the questions are not exactly the same.
After taking the SAT, you and your friend get together and compare your results. You both got a raw score of 50 on the math section, but your scaled score is 710 and your friend's scaled score is 700. Your pal wonders what happened since both of you got the same number of questions correct. But the explanation is pretty simple; you each took a different version of the test, and your version was more difficult than his. To get the same scaled score on the SAT, he would have needed to answer more questions correctly than you.
Test makers that use an equating process use a different formula to create a unique scale for each version of the exam. This means that there is no one raw-to-scale-score conversion chart that can be used for every version of the exam. That is why, in our previous example, a raw score of 50 was converted into 710 on one day and 700 on another day. Keep this in mind as you are taking practice tests and using conversion charts to transform your raw score into a scaled score.
Purpose of Scaled Scores.
Raw scores are definitely easier to calculate than scaled scores. But testing companies want to make sure that test scores can be fairly and accurately compared even if test takers take different versions, or forms, of the test on different dates. Scaled scores allow for accurate comparisons and ensure that people who took a more difficult test are not penalized, and people who took a less difficult test are not given an unfair advantage.

Correct Score Betting Type Explained.
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you must be wondering what the betting type called correct score is all about.the correct score betting type is one of the most difficult betting type because you don't know if the outcome of the match will end in your favour.most at times their odds is usually high because the sport bookies knows what is at stake.
online betting website such as nairabet, merrybet, bet365 etc, most time give high odds on correct score option due to the risk involved.Correct Score has to do with Predicting the exact score at the end of normal time (full time). Scores are quotes as "Home Team Score - Away Team Score" . Example: Bet Your type Score Odds manchester vs Chelsea, (Correct score) 1-1 0r 1-0 or 2-0 or 2-2 etc. You win only if the match ends in favour of the correct score you predicted, lets say maybe in a 1-1 draw, and lose if there is any other outcome at the end of the game.
what this simply means is that, the score lines would have already been given by the sports bookies and you just have to choose the score line you see as the correct could be 0-0, 1-0, 1-1, 2-0, 2-1, 2-2 if your prediction come through, you will be smiling to the bank.but any other outcome apart from the correct score you choose, then you have lost the game if you have not created NAIRABET ACCOUNT , CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR FREE.

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