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correct score trading
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п»їHow To Find Value In The Correct Score Market.
If you have recently started trading on Betfair, you may have noticed one of the most liquid football markets is for correct score betting.
In this guide, we will look at how to trade the correct score, the advantages and disadvantages of trading the correct score market, and a few different techniques you can try out for yourself.
What Is Correct Score Betting?
Football correct score betting at its simplest is as easy as it sounds. You are basically placing a wager on what you think the score of a match will be, whether it is 0-0 or 5-0 or any number you pluck out of your head.
The market closes at the end of 90 minutes plus stoppage time and does not include extra time or penalties.
We recommend using Betfair for correct score trading, as it tends to have the most liquid markets compared to other exchanges.
There are other exchanges you can use, and Smarkets also tends to have fairly good liquidity in the correct score market.
Here we have the correct score market for Greece v Finland, on both Betfair and Smarkets. More money has been traded on Smarkets, but it is still 24 hours before kick-off.
Correct score betting is tempting as the odds may seem quite high, considering that almost 80% of Premier League matches have 3 goals or less.
This gives only 10 different possible outcomes (0-0,1-0, 0-1, 1-1, 2-0, 0-2, 2-1, 1-2, 3-0, 0-3). However, picking which one of those outcomes will occur can be tricky.
We will be looking at the correct score market in terms of trading.
The difference between regular punting and trading is that when you are trading, you will always lock in a profit as soon as possible rather than greed out and hope you get lucky.
What Stats Should I Look At?
There are a few stats you can look up before a match to determine if the match is worth trading the correct score.
Generally, traders are either looking for a match that will be high-scoring or a match that will be low-scoring.
When looking for low-scoring matches, traders will look at the match odds, which should be close (indicating it will be a tight game), and the recent history of both clubs and the outcomes of previous matches.
High-scoring matches can happen when one side is heavily favoured. However, it is important to look at the underdog team in this situation. If they are known for ‘parking the bus’, then even though they are not likely to win, the score margin may still be fairly small.
High-scoring matches can occur when two teams that play open, expansive and attacking football meet. Be sure to check the teams when they are announced before the start of the match.
If both teams put out a defensive line-up, the chances of a low-scoring match increase. This will be reflected in the odds shifting on Betfair as the teams are announced.
Correct Score Trading Strategies.
Trading is all about decreasing your risk as much as possible. Correct score trading is never risk-free (unless you are playing with free bets) but there are ways you can decrease your risk substantially.
High-Scoring Example.
For both high-scoring and low-scoring correct score trading, you will want to spread your risk to cover a number of outcomes.
Instead of just selecting one scoreline, you might select four or five potential outcomes.
Let’s say we think the upcoming Greece v Finland match will be a fairly high-scoring match, but we are not sure which side will come out on top.
We can spread our risk by betting on a few different outcomes. In this example, we have bet ВЈ2 on 2-0, 0-2, 1-2, 2-1 and 2-2, making our total liability ВЈ10.00, and our potential profit varies from ВЈ17.20 up to ВЈ52.00.
This is still technically punting, even though we have decreased our risk by spreading it amongst several outcomes.
In order to decrease our risk further, we can continue to bet in-play.
We have bet on high scores for this match. This means that if there are a couple of goals early on, we can exit out of our position and still make a profit.
The more goals that go in, the shorter the odds get for our higher correct scores. This means we can sell for a higher price than we bought at, making us a profit.
Low-Scoring Example.
It is also possible to do this with matches where we think the score will be low. If the match market is close and both teams are defensively minded, we can select a range of scores that reflect our prediction.
Here, we have selected a few outcomes that would be likely in an evenly-matched, low-scoring game. Our total liability is ВЈ6.00, and our potential profit ranges from ВЈ10.80 to ВЈ20.00.
However, as before, this is still technically just punting even though we are reducing our risk by spreading it out over a few different outcomes.
If things go in our favour, we can trade our position to come out with a profit even if the outcome of the match differs from our predictions.
If the match progresses to the second half without either side scoring, the odds for our selected outcomes will most likely shorten. This means we can trade out of our position for a profit, regardless of what the final outcome is.
Likewise, if there is a goal early on which results in one of the teams adopting a more attacking approach, it would be sensible to exit out of our wager to try and minimise our losses.
What Are The Advantages Of Trading?
If you are looking to make long-term profits, trading is always the most sensible option.
We can ‘hedge’ our bets. If the match is going in our favour and looks likely to end in a result we have bet on, we can secure our position for a guaranteed profit by laying our bet to cover all outcomes.
This decreases the amount of profit we will make, but it also guarantees that profit. For a trader, this is always the most favourable option.
Remember that football is an unpredictable game with goals often being scored in the final third of the match. It is always more sensible to take the guaranteed profit and move on to the next match.
About the Author.
This post was written by Andy Beggs . Andy is a keen sports fan and has been writing for Beating Betting from his home in Australia since August 2019.

Profitable Betfair Correct Score Market Trading Strategies.
Correct Score market on Betfair exchange is the third most popular market, just behind the Match odds and Over Under 2.5 goals market.
But have you thought, that both of the first to markets are tied to the Correct Score market? In order for some team to win a game there needs goals to be scored. And in order to game end on over 2.5 goals, the teams will have to score at least 3 goals.
There are just few markets that are not linked to Correct score market, for example, Corner count and card markets.
Are you looking for ways to make money from bookies? Then you should probably start with Profit Maximiser matched betting service . Easy, guaranteed and fun way to make extra money! Try it now!
Correct Score Trading Overview.
As we already got to know, almost all football markets are in some way linked to the Correct Score market.
If we are looking on ways, how to trade Correct Score market on Betfair, then there are many ways to do that.
Some traders prefer to select single scoreline and build their trade around that scoreline. Other traders prefer to back or lay 5 or more scorelines with an aim on higher or lower scores or a mix of both for more security.
If you have decided to try out Correct Score trading, you should bear in mind that it is not even close to set and forget trading strategy. Actually there are no such strategies in sports trading at all, it is called sports betting, where such strategies exist. If you are going to trade this Betfair market they you will often have to back other scorelines or/and top up existing scorelines as the match progresses and goals go in.
One of the most useful tips in Correct Score trading is to cover the middle results for evenly matched teams. Here we are talking about 1-1 scoreline and you should back also 2-2, as it usually have quite high odds and it is cheap to back.
If you are going to back multiple scorelines then think about leaving more profit on the middle scores – 2-0, 1-2, 1-1. By doing that, you will have more control as the game develops and goals are being scored.
Now, as we have got some basic information and tips about Correct Score market trading on Betfair, we can look at some proven and profitable trading strategies.
Correct Score market Trading strategies.
Actually, there are not much official (like Lay the Draw) Correct Score market strategies, where you can follow previously set out rules and trade. In this market, everything changes so quickly, that you will have to adapt the market situation and make moves in-play after each goal (or think about how to get out of the bad situations if the game does not the way you have planned). But lets look at some strategies, that you can use to make profits in Correct score market.
Backing and trading few correct scores.
One of the most popular Correct Score trading strategy is to back few Correct Scores and then make your trades around them. Probably, you will have to select different scorelines for each game, as in Sports trading, there are no secret recipes, hidden gems or loopholes.
In this strategy you are looking to back 3-5 scorelines. You should be divide your selections in high scoring games and low scoring games and back the scores according to that.
For probable high scoring games you should look at these scorelines: 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 2-1, 3-1, 2-2, Any Unquoted. You can always include also 3-2, 2-3 and 3-3 scorelines as they will be very cheap to back because of the high odds. You can also add some backup scoreline for some extra security if the game does not produce many goals. For example, you can back 1-0 scoreline.
You will also need to take in account the odds of rivaling teams. If there is a clear favorite, then you could skip backing 1-1 and back some other scorelines in favor to stronger team with more profit on them.
In this match there is clear favorite Real Madrid and the odds of Over 2.5 goals are 1.44. So I have decided to back 0-2, 0-3, 1-2, AOAW in favor to Real Madrid. 3-3 scoreline was very cheap to back, so I decided to put a small bet on it too. In this trade, if the result becomes 0-2 in favor to Real Madrid, there is very very slim chance that the trade will go other way than winning. The most dangerous scoreline here could be 1-3 RM or really low scoring game.
For probable low scoring games you should look at these scorelines: 0-0, 0-1, 1-0, 2-0, 0-2, 1-1. You can pick any of mentioned scorelines, but always look to include the 1-1. Which other scores do you pick depends of the teams. If there are clear favorite, you will be looking at 1-0, 2-0, but if the teams are evenly matched, they you may include 0-0 also.
Again, you should probably think about security and back at least one score from the high scoring end. The good choice always will be 3-1, 2-1 and 2-2, because those scorelines have some quite high odds, but they will go down significantly, if the score becomes 2-1 or 1-2.
This is very tight match up with teams with odds of Under 2.5 goals of 1.67. As there is no clear favorite in this game and it should end with under 2.5 goals according to the given odds, I have backed 0-1, 1-0 and 1-1 scorelines. To add some security, I have also backed 2-2 at 19.5 which costs only few units. If some team goes up by two goals, then our only hope is that other team will equalize and we could then green up or take a scratch. Otherwise, we could have some good green-screen even after goalless first half, as the 1-0 and 0-1 odds will be much shorter.
Laying and trading Few Correct scores.
Other approach is to lay few scorelines and then build you trade around avoiding these scorelines. If you lay only one scoreline, you will have big liabilities, but if you back a few scorelines, the liabilities will go down accordingly.
Lets look at example of this strategy using the same Rayo Vallecano v Real Madrid that we used previously.
In this case I believe that Rayo Vallecano is going to score a goal and Real Madrid will not win with 4 or more goals. So, I havemade a lay bets on 0-1, 0-2, 0-3 and AOAW scorelines and I will loose my bet only if the game ends on one of them. If the Rayo Vallecano scores goal first, I could get out with very good profit immediately. I they score late in the game, then only AOAW can hold me back from winning.
As you can see in this screenshot of bets, the liabilities for each bet are quite huge. But the combined liability for these bets are significantly smaller.
For Correct Score laying, you can use the same principles and strategy as for backing. If you are going to lay few correct scores, you will have much more green scorelines than if you was backing. But you probably will want to back scorelines with smaller odds, and those scorelines are usually the most probable. But as you know, in soccer anything can happen!
There is really great software for backing and laying Correct Scores, of which I`m going to tell later in this article.
Correct Score market as cover for other trading strategies.
Correct Score market is used as cover for other trades quite often. If you want to implement some Over or Under 2.5 goals trading strategy, Both Teams To Score trading strategy or even Lay The Draw strategy, you will have to look into Correct Score market for some security options.
For example, in Over 2.5 goals trading strategy, you will look to back some of the lower scores in Correct Score market, 1-0, 1-1 for example.
In Under 2.5 goals trading strategy you will be looking to back some higher scorelines like 2-1, 3-0, 2-2.
If you are going to lay the draw, then sometimes you will be willing to sacrifice some of the potential profit for more security by backing the 0-0 scoreline.
As you can see, Correct Score market is widely used as cover market in other Betfair trading strategies. The mentioned ones was just few examples, but if you are serious of Betfair trading, then you will use this market daily!
Best software for Trading Correct Score market on Betfair.
Are you looking for ways to make money from bookies? Then you should probably start with Profit Maximiser matched betting service . Easy, guaranteed and fun way to make extra money! Try it now!
From my experience, the best software for Correct Score trading is Traderline.
This software has built in dutching and bookmaking functions, which allows to make complicated trades in Correct Score market with just few clicks.
This software delivers what it promises – betting with just one click!
With just one mouse click, you make a bet, and with another click, you close the trade. It’s easy, fast and you never need to make any calculations, as Traderline will do all the math for you.
With the Trade button, you can exit the market with a distribution of your profit or loss across all the results, or accumulating all of your profit in a single selection!
Try this software and you will see how powerful it is. It will save your time and make your trading experience much better! And it is also very affordable – just 9,99 per month. You can also buy lifetime licence if you are really serious about Betfair trading.
Screenshot of Traderline Dutching feature. Just click the scores that you want to dutch and press Bet button. If you would have to do this manually, you would give up fast!

Correct Score Trading – A Guide.
One of the most football popular markets to trade on is the correct score market. Below we take a look at how the market works, the advantages and disadvantages of trading it and some strategies for you to potentially use in your trading.
What is the Correct Score Market?
The correct score market is quite straightforward – it is a market in a which you predict what the score will be in a football match.
The score is based on the result of the match in normal time (i.e. 90 minutes plus stoppage time) and does not include any extra time or penalties that may be played.
On Betfair, the correct score market typically looks like this:
You have all scores listed from 0-0 right up to 3-3, then you have “Any other home win,” “Any other away win” and “Any other draw.”
These “any other” scores are any of those not listed, so basically any scoreline that includes four or more goals for one side.
You then either back or lay the scores you want on the Betfair interface.
Why Trade the Correct Score Market?
It is worth considering why you should trade on the correct score market.
Firstly, it is one of the most liquid markets on Betfair, with plenty of chances to trade out your position at any time and good value on your trades.
Trading the market can also present an advantage over just betting on it, as you can follow a game live and see how it is going, moving around your position depending on how many goals are being scored. You can cover multiple scorelines and adjust your position as things develop, although we will go into different strategies in more detail later on.
The correct score market also allows you to hedge your bets to a certain extent. If you think a team is going to win comfortably to nil, but aren’t sure what the exact score is going to be, you could back 2-0, 3-0 and Any Other Home for example, giving you a wide exposure.
In the correct score market you can also cover the eventuality of both teams winning, if for example you think there will be lots of goals but aren’t sure who will actually win the game.
Things to Watch Out for with Correct Score Trading.
Whilst there are a number of advantages to trading the Correct Score market, there are some things to watch out for.
Firstly, you should be aware that there is a possibility of another goal being scored in quick succession after one has just been scored, before you have had a chance to close out your trade. This could leave you exposed to a loss in certain circumstances. It is rare this will happen but is worth bearing in mind.
The other thing to beware of is the way that the Betfair correct score market is made up, with the “any other” options covering eventualities where at least one side scoring 4 goals. So you can’t back specific scorelines above four goals, like 4-0, 4-1 etc. Although there is a “correct score 2” market you could potentially use, we wouldn’t recommend this as liquidity is generally poor.
Best Exchange for Correct Score Trading.
We recommend the Betfair exchange for correct score trading as it is the most liquid and covers the greatest number of matches.
Correct Score Trading Strategies.
Now we will take a look at two strategies for trading the correct score market, one in matches expected to be high scoring and one for matches expected to be low scoring.
Strategy One – High Scoring Matches.
One way to trade the correct score markets is to take a spread of scores in a match where you think a certain eventuality is likely.
So for example you may think it will be a high scoring, tight match. In this instance, you could take a range of scores, say 1-1, 2-1, 1-2, 2-2, 3-1 and 1-3.
This is shown in the example below of this in the Community Shield game between Arsenal and Chelsea.
Here we have backed a range of different scorelines, where we think there will be at least two goals.
You can set this up to make approximately the same profit if any of your scorelines are hit by using Bet Angel software and choosing the dutching option.
As you can see, with these scorelines having been backed, there is the possibility of winning around ВЈ10 if one of the scorelines is hit with a liability of ВЈ10.
However, we are not going to do just place the bets and leave them, we are going to trade them.
What we are going to do is wait to see how the match develops and then hopefully trade out when some goals are scored.
If we get into the second half and it is 1-1 or 2-1 to either side, then we will be able to trade out for a nice profit without needing to worry about what the final score will be and whether it ends up with a score we haven’t backed such as 3-2.
Now in this example, Chelsea scored early in the second half, which put us in a good position. All we needed was one more goal and we would be looking at a decent profit.
We had to wait late on for a goal to be scored, but thankfully for us it was, with Arsenal equalising in the 82nd minute.
That allowed us to trade out for a profit of at least ВЈ8.53 , whatever happened.
If you were concerned about leaving the trade this late in the game, then of course you could have traded out earlier and taken a loss of 20-30% of your liability.
However, the way the game was developing we saw a good chance of there being another goal so stuck in there.
The choice of whether to stay in or get out of a trade will depend on both your trading style and how a game is progressing. That is something that comes with experience.
Now we will look at our second example, this time involving a low scoring match.
Strategy Two – Low Scoring Matches.
Alternatively, you may think it will be a low-scoring game.
Here we take a look at the match between Rosenborg and Celtic in the Champions League. It is expected to be a tight affair, with the match odds being close, with Celtic priced at 2.28 and Rosenborg at 3.45.
The under 2.5 goals odds is just 1.86.
So we think it will be low scoring, but aren’t sure who will win. So we take a range of scores between 1-0, 1-1 and 2-0 to each side.
We use Bet Angel’s dutching tool to back all the scores so that we get the same amount of profit if any of them win.
But you can also work this out manually if you do not have access to Bet Angel or similar trading software.
Now we let the game go in-running and see what happens.
The game is 0-0 at half time, meaning our prediction of it being low scoring is looking good. There will be a great opportunity to trade out for profit if there is a goal in the second half.
Good news comes in the 69th minute as Celtic hit the back of the net.
We can now trade out for profit – a good profit – whatever happens in the game.
We just click the “cash out” button and Betfair does the rest for us.
So we have made a minimum of £9.17 profit whatever happens from a maximum outlay of £10 – although if there had been an early goal, we could have closed out our trades to ensure that we didn’t lose the full £10.
So here we have seen two examples of trading the correct score markets with a spread of scores in mind, allowing us to trade out during the game for profit without needing to worry about what the final score will be.
Obviously not all games will go in our favour like this and in certain instances we will need to trade out for a loss. This is part of trading and it is important we do this and don’t lose our full stake, or worse risk more to try and chase losses.
Looking for more Correct Score Trading Strategies?
So there are a couple of correct score trading strategies to get you going.
However, you may be looking for something a bit more in-depth and to progress to expert correct score trading. If so, we have a couple of packages you may wish to check out:-
1. Goal Profits.
Goal Profits is an award-winning package of football trading strategies that combines a great deal of knowledge and experience on trading with a large community of followers.
As a member you get access to 16 different trading strategies , in depth training on how to become a full-time trader, a chat forum where you can discuss trading ideas with other members and follow live experts as well as a “Team Stats” database that brings together a wealth of information and statistics on football which can be used as a basis for your trades. There is also ongoing support available to aid you in your trading development.
The trading strategies include correct score methods but also have other approaches such as variants on lay the draw and HT strategies, so you are getting quite a wide range of styles.
Ultimately if you are looking to take your football trading to the next level then there are few better places than Goal Profits.
2. Assured Soccer Profits.
As an alternative to Goal Profits, there is Assured Soccer Profits , a trading system specifically for the correct score markets.
The system behind Assured Soccer Profits is quite a unique one and they should be credited with developing something original in the football trading space. It does take some time to learn and practice to get right, but could be a strategy to bring in regular profits trading the correct score markets.
Conclusion – Correct Score Trading.
The correct score market is one of the most liquid on Betfair and attracts a lot of interest from the trading community.
This is perhaps because there are so many possible ways of trading the market as opposed to many of the other football markets which have just two or three possible outcomes.
We have identified a couple of potential strategies for you above, which we hope will come in useful as an introduction to correct score trading.
If you are looking for more in-depth approaches, then we have also earmarked a couple of options you may wish to try.
Either way, good luck in your trading and please always gamble responsibly.

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