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correct score half time
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Half Time/Full Time Correct Score – Sites ✅ Predictions Tips ✅ Stats ✅
The main difference between half time full time and half time full time correct score is that instead of selecting how many goals are going to be in the match, you are predicting who will win in each half of the match.
Best Betting Sites for “HT/FT Correct score”
What's in this article.
Top Tips for Half Time Full Time Correct Score Predictions.
In the 2018/19 Premier League season, one of the last games of the season saw Everton Travel to North London to face Tottenham. The match finished 2-2, so if you bet a draw, congratulations. However, in the first half Tottenham were 1-0 up going into half time, which meant the second half finished 1-2 to Everton. A combined bet for Tottenham to win the first half 1-0 and Everton to win the second 2-1 were approximately 18/1, Meaning a 10 pound bet would have brought in 180 pounds.
Days and hours can be spent on the internet seeking to find not only the best odds, but the best site in general for certain markets. Truthfully, it all depends on which market and bet type you wish to look into. Regarding half time/full time correct score bets, it’s important to have good odds , easy selections and multiple correct score options.
The stats don’t lie is a great site for getting an understanding on what teams to bet on. The site gives in depth detail of each team from across the globe in order for you to know who is most likely to score in either half. Predicting the winner of each half is much easier than predicting the score, this is why we encourage you to do some research before placing your bet. Below is a table showing which teams won at home and away in either half of all the matches they played last season:
As You can see, Arsenal played 19 games at home and away, however looking at the stats, they were clearly much better at home in the first half. However, second half they had one of the best records at winning away. This information is extremely key when deciding who to put your money on. It is also very important to check form and how the teams playing have done against each other in recent years. For example, if Wolves are playing Burnley, it’s important to see who has won more of the past encounters, specifically the most recent ones. This information can be found very easily on windrawin . Here you can see the from the teams are in and how they have done in recent fixtures.
Please be aware that checking form and statistics is not guaranteed to make you a fortune for half time/full time correct score betting markets, however it will definitely increase your chance. Nobody can prevent a major upset, but majority if the times that there is an upset it’s due to the fact that the favorite had some players missing/injured and new players have had to step up. If you follow the links provided and do your research, you might just be able to spot an upset on the horizon.
It is also key to find out if any of the key players are injured/suspended for the match you wish to bet on, or even any transfers. For this information we recommend taking a look at sports news sites such as Sky Sports News.
In a nutshell, these are our main top tips:
Pros and Cons to Half Time /Full Time Correct Score.
Candidly, there are pros and cons to all bet slips, whether it be a 15 game accumulator or a first goal scorer wager . With half time / fulltime correct score, you are given the opportunity to not only win multiple bets at a time, but also gain a bigger pay out. Let me explain;
There is a match between West Ham and Manchester City and it’s the first game of the opening premier League Season 2019/20. I have predicted that the first half will be a 0-0 draw, however Pep Guardiola Will fire up his players and Man City will become victorious winning 0-2 by full time.
If this bet comes in not only would West Ham be extremely upset, however I would have won 80 pounds for a 5 pound bet. The odds change depending on who you think will win each half and how many goals will be scored.
It’s important to note that some sites offer you to choose the correct score in the first half or second half only. Whereas other sites (Such as the example given above) will combine the odds for first and second half correct score, giving you a bigger pay out. If you select the first option, then you can place a wager on the first half score, and once it’s come in, you can the relax watching the second half knowing you have won already.
Half Time /Full Time Correct Score in Bet Builders and Cash outs.
With sites such as Betfair, you can actually cashout just part of your winnings, and leave the rest of the bet amount in on the bet still. This way if you do end up winning, not only have you cashed out previously, but you also have the win amount from the bet. When betting on half time/full time correct score markets, your first half bet may have come through but you’re still waiting for the second half to finish. If you have a feeling that this isn’t going to come in, you can cashout a percentage of your win amount in order to save you the heartache of losing.
With sites such as Bet365, they have introduced what they like to call a bet builder. Essentially giving you the opportunity to create your own bet and the site will give you the odds for it. This also allows you to combine bets that you would not normally see together.
For example, you can choose The half time score, the full time score and half time score will be 0-0 to create one single bet with the price for the combined selections. You can make up to 6 selections and please note this is only for soccer. Once you have created your Bet, you simply select add to bet slip and as you can see below, you then decide how much you wish to stake on it.
Half Time /Full Time betting on other sports.
This part is fairly straight forward to get your head around. If you can think of a sport that is played with two halves, then you can probably bet on half time/full time correct score and that's one of the reasons so many betting sites have this market in their offer Over the years the increase in this type of bets has rocketed, especially in sports such as:
Obviously other sports exist to bet in this way, however, these are the main one’s. The key to betting on these sports is to not take the same approach as soccer, as the statistics differ from season to season. For example, in Rugby, the winners of the Super League have changed every year, unlike in football, where Manchester City have dominated for a long period of time. Doing a background check before you place the wager is probably a good idea. Check our extensive guide to Rugby Betting here.
Half Time /Full Time Correct Score in a nutshell.
Honestly, half time/full time correct score is just another way for you to bet differently on the game. The main differences are that you are more likely to win bigger than if you were to just bet for an outright winner. The reason being is simply due to the fact that you have less chance of winning. You can increase your chances however by looking at statistics and previous encounters that the teams have had in the past. Regardless of what you decide, look carefully, compare odds, review the stats and most importantly have fun doing it.

Laying the Correct Score at HT – A Guide.
Here we will take a look at the approach of laying the correct score at half time in a football match and how you can potentially profit from this strategy.
First we will go though what it means to lay the correct score at HT and how you can set up a lay bet.
What is Laying the Correct Score at Half-Time?
Laying the correct score at HT involves using a betting exchange like Betfair or Smarkets to place bets such that you are betting against certain scorelines being the final score in a football match.
So you could lay the current score at half-time, expecting that there will be at least one goal scored in the second half.
Or you could lay more than one scoreline in the correct score market at HT, with the belief that the game is going to move in a certain direction.
Here is an example. Newcastle are playing Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League.
The score is 0-0 at half-time.
It has been a fairly open game with lots of chances being created, so we think there will be goals in the second half.
We then go to the correct score market on Betfair and see that the odds on the current score of 0-0 are 5.2.
So we place a lay bet of ВЈ10 and wait to see how the game unfolds.
Thankfully there was a goal in the 61st minute as Spurs broke the deadlock, so the bet has won and we collected ВЈ10 of profit (minus commission).
That is a simple illustration of a lay the correct score at HT bet. Below we will look at alternative lay bets you can place.
Best Exchange for Laying the Draw at HT.
We recommend the Betfair exchange for laying the draw at half time as it is the most liquid and covers the greatest number of matches. However Smarkets is catching up with Betfair so it is worth checking it out too, especially on the bigger matches as there may not be much difference and Smarkets has lower commission rates.
Laying More than One Score in the Correct Score Market at Half-Time.
Another approach to laying the correct score at HT is to lay more than one scoreline if you consider that a game is likely to go a certain way.
So for example you may think that although a game is 0-0 at half-time, it is unlikely to stay that way for the second half.
One side is dominating the game and seems likely to go on and win it, so you decide to lay 0-0, 0-1 and 0-2.
This is a somewhat risky strategy as you will tend to be laying at quite high odds, but at the same time by laying three separate scores you are reducing your liability compared to just laying one.
Here is an example. It is a Champions League qualification game between Hoffenheim and Liverpool.
Liverpool lead 0-1 at HT but it is an open game and both sides are creating chances. We think there will be more goals, but we don’t think Liverpool will run away with the game, so we lay 0-1, 0-3 and also 2-2.
The game ends up finishing 1-2 to Liverpool and our lay bets have won. This is a good outcome for us in this match.
This shows how you can lay different scores to come up with a winning outcome.
Advantages of Laying the Correct Score at HT.
Laying the correct score at HT can deliver a high percentage of winning bets, as most games will have another goal in the second half.
This can be particularly true if you focus on certain teams and certain matches, which we will look at in more detail below.
It is also the case that there tend to be more goals scored in the latter stages of a football match. This might be because teams tire towards the end, or sides may be prepared to push forward more to grab a winner.
But if you have a look at the stats, they show a strong bias towards late goals.
Here are some example from the website soccerstats , looking firstly at the Premier League:
As you can see, a much higher percentage of goals were scored towards the end of the game than earlier on.
This is the same for other leagues as well, such as Serie A in Italy:
And also from Spain’s Primera Liga:
As you can see, the numbers are very similar across different leagues, but show that a high proportion of goals are scored late on in games.
This is good news for laying the current score at HT, meaning you have a strong chance of there being a goal.
Another advantage is that it can be fun cheering on another goal, even if you don’t mind who wins the game.
Liquidity tends to be good on the correct score as well, as it is one of the most popular markets on Betfair after the main match odds and over/under markets.
So all in all there are quite a few advantages to laying the correct score at HT.
Disadvantages of Laying the Correct Score at HT.
At the same time, there are some disadvantages to laying the correct score at HT.
For one, you are risking quite a bit of liability to make just a small profit. In the above example of Newcastle v Tottenham for instance, we were risking ВЈ42 to win just ВЈ10. So if one of these lays goes wrong, it can do quite a bit of damage to your bank.
The other thing is that if you have laid the current score at HT and there is not a goal, it can be very frustrating to watch the game, particularly if lots of chances are being created but not being put away. Perhaps the woodwork is being hit and the keeper is making some spectacular saves. It can be tough to take when this happens.
Our advice is to place the lay and then not to watch the game after that. This way you won’t suffer the emotions of the ups and downs of the game and so are less likely to lose control of your betting. It will help you to stay calmer and focused.
Beware also that different leagues and teams are substantially different to how they approach a game of football. The Greek league, for example, is notoriously low scoring and you may find that there are fewer second half goals than in free-scoring leagues such as the Dutch Eredivisie, the Bundesliga or the English Premier League.
Strategies for Laying the Correct Score at HT.
If you are looking for a strategy to laying the correct score at HT, a good place to start could be the soccerstats website.
If you select a league and then under the heading for that league where there are certain tabs, select “Timing,” you will be presented with a table with each team’s goals by 15 minute segment and by half.
Below is an example from the English Premier League:
This will give you an idea of which teams tend to score and concede lots of goals in the second half of games, making them excellent choices for laying the correct score at half time.
For example, in the table you will see that Arsenal scored an amazing 50 goals in the second half of games compared to 27 in the first half, meaning they had a high number of games where the score at HT was not the score at the end of the game.
Similarly, Hull City conceded a shocking 52 goals in the second half of matches, meaning they would also have been good candidates for the lay bet.
Using statistics like this can help you identify which teams may present value in the correct score market.
Using In-Running Tools.
Another approach to laying the correct score can be to use tools to help you rather than doing research yourself.
–In-Play Trading.
Alternatively, you may wish to look at In-Play Trading , which is a scanner that follows matches live and tracks how many chances are being created, shots taken, corners gained etc and then awards a rating based on that.
So those matches with a high rating indicate pressure is being put on and a goal is likely to come soon. These can be good matches to lay the correct score in, as generally goals tend to follow when a lot of pressure is being created. It obviously won’t happen all the time, but at least you have an edge over other punters in being able to use these stats to your advantage.
Laying the correct score at HT is an interesting bet to take on and is not without its risks. You are generally laying at quite high odds, so beware that you can lose quite a bit of your bank if the bet goes against you.
However, with some use of stats and betting tools, you can give yourself an edge over other punters and potentially profit from the market.
If you are going to bet on it, make sure you use sensible money management and only risk what you can afford to lose.
Good luck with your laying and we hope you have found this guide useful.

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