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kirk herbstreit football picks
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Kirk Herbstreit Has New Pick For College Football’s No. 1 Team.
There is no clear-cut best team in college football at this moment, but Kirk Herbstreit feels awfully confident in one program right now.
В© Provided by The Spun ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit.
During this Saturday’s edition of College GameDay , Herbstreit said “I think Notre Dame is the most complete team in college football.”
Notre Dame sent a message to the rest of the country on Friday night, defeating North Carolina by two touchdowns on the road. It was yet another game in which Brian Kelly’s squad proved it’s a legitimate title contender.
For the past few weeks, Notre Dame has heard plenty of analysts talk about a potential letdown game being on the horizon. They thought it’d happen against Boston College, but that clearly wasn’t the case. Then people thought North Carolina could pull off the upset, yet Mack Brown’s team looked overwhelmed in the second half of last night’s game.
"I think Notre Dame is the most complete team in college football." Kirk Herbstreit on @CollegeGameDay this morning. — The Spun (@TheSpun) November 28, 2020.
The two remaining games on Notre Dame’s schedule should be fairly easy, as it’ll take on Syracuse and Wake Forest.
Assuming that all goes well during those two games, Notre Dame will get to face Clemson in the ACC Championship. The Fighting Irish shocked the Tigers back on Nov. 7, but Trevor Lawrence was unable to play since he tested positive for COVID-19.
Instead of waiting to see if the Fighting Irish can beat the Tigers again, Herbstreit is giving Notre Dame the respect it deserves this season. Now we’ll wait and see if other analysts do the same.

Kirk Herbstreit's College Football Playoff predictions, sleepers, College GameDay at The Masters.
ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit foreshadows a lot of drama in the coming weeks of the College Football Playoff rankings and isn't ready to count out the Pac-12.
The first batch of College Football Playoff rankings will be unveiled on ESPN on Tuesday, Nov. 24. There likely won't be much drama with Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Clemson the consensus top four teams. The only real drama is what order the teams will come in and if Notre Dame can take the top spot from AP No. 1 Alabama on the strength of their win over then-No. 1 Clemson in double-overtime.
In an effort to put the fans first and give them a voice, Goodyear Playoff Fan Picks have ranked Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson and then Notre Dame in their field.
ESPN's college football broadcaster Kirk Herbstreit joined me to talk about the Goodyear Playoff Fan picks, how he envisions the top four, the path for BYU and Cincinnati, cautions us not to forget about Oregon in the Pac-12 and his College GameDay experience at The Masters.
Schmidt: The Goodyear playoff fan picks like Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson and Notre Dame in that order. I anticipate we'll see that same foursome when the first rankings come out on Tuesday, but what order do you think we'll see them in?
Herbstreit: I always feel like every year since 2014 we've been following along with the AP and the coaches poll, and then you start to anticipate what you think the initial rankings that come out from the committee will be. And there always seems to be a curveball, for whatever reason. So I don't know where it's going to be. To me, being objective and fair, the results of the Notre Dame-Clemson game really changed things. I would have Bama at one and Notre Dame at two, just because of that win. You have to recognize a win of that magnitude. At the time, Clemson was one, and they beat them. So, I think Notre Dame's knocking on the door of one more than being at four, because of that win.
Then I would have Ohio State at three, really because they haven't played a lot of games. They've looked great, but I think it's more of what we anticipated from them and Justin Fields, and they haven't really let us down as fans, and what they did, and the committee, in their eyes. And then I would have Clemson at four. That's what I'm expecting to see.
Schmidt: I'm right there with you and that's what I'm expecting to see too. Looking down the road, if we foreshadow a rematch with Notre Dame and Clemson, Clemson would have Trevor Lawrence back this time. If they lose to Clemson in the ACC Championship Game, do you think that would bump them out of the playoffs?
Herbstreit: If they go and get embarrassed, then I think it leaves the door potentially open. That's assuming Alabama and Ohio State were to win out, it would potentially leave the door open. If Clemson beats them and it's a good competitive game, then I think the teams flip. I think Notre Dame drops behind Clemson because of the timing of their loss, but I don't think that would be enough necessarily to knock them out. I think what you'd see at that point is Notre Dame probably goes to four depending on how Alabama and Ohio State played and finished out.
But to answer your question, now, Notre Dame's still got some wood to chop, as you know. They've still got North Carolina the day after Thanksgiving, which is going to be an interesting test for them. Wake is showing some life. That's the last game for them at this point, at the end of the year, before the ACC championship. So if they're able to win out, I think they go into the ACC championship with a real shot. Even if they were to lose a competitive game, I think they would still be in the playoffs.
Schmidt: Who is the team outside the big four with the best chance of getting in?
Herbstreit: Texas A&M is out. More than likely, they're not going to have a chance if Alabama wins to get to Atlanta [for the SEC Championship Game]. Florida would be the team that would get a chance, and they're the team that seems to be trending right now with the way Kyle Trask is playing. But remember, they'd have to play Alabama in Atlanta. And again, going by the assumption if Bama were to win, that would knock Florida out. So, the teams that you really would be talking about potentially taking Notre Dame's place, if they were to lose to Clemson, would be potentially A&M, that didn't go to their conference championship game. Maybe it's Cincinnati, maybe BYU, maybe Oregon comes out of the Pac-12.
Schmidt: What would it take for an undefeated Cincinnati or an undefeated BYU to get in this season?
Herbstreit: I think the big thing they're going to need, it would help them if Notre Dame just won out. If you're a Cincinnati or BYU fan, you'd love to see Alabama win out, you'd love to see Notre Dame and Ohio State all win out. You are fans of those three teams. What that would do obviously is that would open up the door for a four spot, and Clemson would now be eliminated. Now you would have the debate and the discussion about who could potentially be that fourth team. That's the easiest path for me, to open the door.
Let's see what happens in the Pac-12. Let's see if Oregon, who I did their Stanford game their opening night, they've got a lot of firepower. The problem is they've only played two games and not a lot of people have seen them two games in. I think you're going to see them if they keep winning. I think they're a team no one's talking about right now that could start to really gain traction and start to go over the top of some teams.
But if Bama, Notre Dame and Ohio State all win out, that's the best possibility for Cincinnati or BYU. And I think Cincinnati, because of the resume and who they still have to play, UCF this weekend on the road is a tough game for them. Tulsa is all of a sudden a team that's playing a lot better, and a team in the top 25. So they have a chance against better teams.
BYU may be a better team. I'm really impressed with BYU, not just the quarterback play of Zach Wilson, but the offensive line and defensive line, they just bully people at the line of scrimmage. They've got tremendous skill, they're experienced. Once in awhile BYU has that veteran team. That's what they have this year.
Wouldn't that be great if BYU stumbled into a game with an Oregon or Washington or USC? That could really help them. And in this year we're all just trying to get through, that's something to put a little asterisk next to, is will BYU get an opportunity down the stretch to play somebody? Because they play this weekend, and then they don't play again until Dec. 12 and that's their last game. If in fact, the Pac-12 were to call the AD at BYU and say, "Hey, do you guys want to play this team because they missed out this weekend on their game, are you interested?" all of a sudden, BYU, potentially their stock could really start to go up if they win those games if they get those opportunities.
Schmidt: You and the College GameDay crew have been all over the country and seen some awesome venues, but what was the experience like to be at Augusta National last week for The Masters?
Herbstreit: It was surreal. I'd been there probably the last three or four years just as a patron. And I'm just a big sports junkie myself, and a bit of a traditionalist. So when I go to certain venues as a sports fan, whether it's the Kentucky Derby, or going to Augusta, you just take a step back just as a spectator and just take it in. That's my background of just going there.
And I'm not an avid golfer, but I can appreciate a major tournament and a setting like that. And I would walk around and try to watch Tiger, but the gallery that follows him, there are thousands of people. You can't even really see him. You can see his golf club as it maybe moves up into his swing, but he can't get close enough. You're like 80th deep from seeing him. And here we were Friday, and I'm just walking with maybe 20 or 30 other people, and we're standing right there. We followed him his entire round on Friday. I think he got through 11 or 12 holes. And just to be able to watch him in a major tournament and to be that close and watch every shot that he took was probably the most surreal thing I've ever experienced as a sports fan.
And then to cap off our stay there by doing GameDay that morning, I thought our producer Jimmy Gaiero did a really good job with his staff of balancing. Not too much college football, not too much golf; it just felt like the right balance. I was just really proud of the show and what we did there. It was a unique opportunity, and I'm glad we were able to capitalize on it.
В© Provided by Fansided В© Provided by Fansided XXXX on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020 in Atlanta. (Todd Kirkland/AP Images for Goodyear.
В© Provided by Fansided XXXX on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020 in Atlanta. (Todd Kirkland/AP Images for Goodyear В© Provided by Fansided XXXX on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020 in Atlanta. (Todd Kirkland/AP Images for Goodyear.
The interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.
For more NCAA football news, analysis, opinion and unique coverage by FanSided, including Heisman Trophy and College Football Playoff rankings, be sure to bookmark these pages.

Kirk Herbstreit ranks top CFB teams entering Week 13.
Week 12 of the 2020 college football season is complete, with ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit taking note and changing a top-six ranking. One team enters his six while he bumped back another in the top four.
As the debut College Football Playoff rankings release show approaches Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET, Herbstreit's short list provides an early idea of what the selection committee could be thinking.
In an unprecedented season with cancelations and postponements seemingly affecting every conference, teams have made their cases at different start dates as they enter Week 13.
Who ranked where? Here is a closer look at the short list that Herbstreit revealed after Saturday's results.
1.) Alabama.
(Photo: В© The Montgomery Advertiser-USA TODAY Sports, USA TODAY Sports)
247Sports' Take: In its first game since Oct. 31, Alabama did not miss a beat as it rolled to Saturday's 63-3 rout of Kentucky. The No. 1 Crimson Tide (7-0) played like a team that missed football, racking up 509 total yards and coming a field goal short of the shutout. Fourth-year junior quarterback Mac Jones completed 16 of 24 passes (66.7 percent) for 230 yards and two touchdowns against one interception before giving way to freshman Bryce Young . At Jones' disposal, senior wide receiver DeVonta Smith led with nine receptions for 144 yards (16.0 average) and two touchdowns. Alabama turns from the Wildcats (3-5) to a top-25 matchup Saturday against Auburn (5-2) in the Iron Bowl, a 3:30 p.m. ET game on CBS.
"I think everybody was excited to get back to be able to play, after all the time off," said Tide head coach Nick Saban. "I think we got off to a little slow start. The energy, the intensity, the attention to detail early on in the game was not what we wanted it to be, but I think we played better and better and better as the game went on. We made some mental errors on defense early in the game in shifts and motions and some things that we had worked on. It was just a recognition deal.
"Offensively, I think we played better and better as the game went on, so really pleased with the way our players responded in the game. Obviously, congratulations to Smitty for setting the record for touchdown receptions.
"I think one of the good things about today's game is we got to play a lot of players. They definitely need to get some experience. Those guys aren't that far away from playing. We did have some guys out today, but I think especially on special teams where people had to step up they did a really good job.
". All in all it was a good team win. I really liked the way the defense played in the second half. We just have to keep on building on this momentum and rhythm that we have, get some guys healthy and see if we can get going."

Kirk Herbstreit's son, Zak, to join Ohio State as a preferred walk-on.
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Former Ohio State quarterback and current ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit has one of his sons following in his footsteps. Truth be known, his son Zak will be adding a third generation to the Buckeye football program when he joins the team as a preferred walk-on.
The younger Herbstreit announced the news on his Twitter feed Wednesday. A preferred walk-on is exactly what it sounds like. Herbstreit will not receive a scholarship but is still invited to join the program and is fully a part of the team without walking on through the traditional means of his own accord.
Not only did Kirk Herbstreit play quarterback for Ohio State, but his father Jim was also a captain under Woody Hayes in 1960.
Daddy Herbie was proud of his son’s decision. As a reminder, Herbstreit already has his twin sons playing for Dabo Swinney and Clemson, and now he has his middle child following his path.
It is unclear how Herbstreit will fit into the plans at Ohio State, but his position at Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville, Tennessee is tight end. He had no scholarship offers from any Power Five programs but had received some interest from other smaller schools.
It’ll be hard, but we’ve seen walk-ons earn scholarships before. Now that Herbstreit is in the program, you can bank on him working towards that goal.
Ohio State football 2022 recruiting commitment tracker.
Download the USA TODAY SportsWire app to follow Buckeyes Wire and your other favorite teams in the Apple Store for iPhones and Google Play for Android devices.

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit picks Texas for College Football Playoff after Big Ten return.
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One particular ESPN “College GameDay” analyst has high expectations for Texas’ football program this season.
Kirk Herbstreit predicted what the College Football Playoff may look like after the Big Ten officially chose to return for the fall season. Texas, Ohio State, Clemson and Alabama were the four teams Herbstreit said he believes will fight for the national championship.
Before the Big Ten decided to move forward, Herbstreit’s original four selections were Alabama, Florida, Texas and Clemson.
Herbstreit does not have faith the Longhorns would be able to get past Ohio State. However, it’s still telling he views Texas as favorites to win the Big 12 over the highly ranked Oklahoma Sooners.
Texas dominated the UTEP Miners in its season opener 59-3. It was exactly what the Longhorns should have done on paper, but it was still impressive nonetheless considering the lack offseason preparation due to COVID-19.
Quarterback Sam Ehlinger had a record-breaking first half by throwing for 426 yards and five touchdowns. Offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich spread the ball around with ease, and Chris Ash’s new defensive scheme successfully put pressure on the opposing quarterback.
If Texas can remain consistent and defeat Oklahoma and Oklahoma State in conference play, there’s no doubt the College Football Playoff committee would be calling its name.

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