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п»їHalftime/Fulltime (HT-FT) Betting Predictions.
Halftime/Fulltime Betting.
In the following article, we will introduce you to an interesting strategy which has become more and it’s getting more popular throughout the last years. You can bet on the halftime result and as well as the fulltime result with this online strategy. In the following paragraphs, you can read how that works and how you can win those bets.
How Does A Half-Time/Full-Time Bet Work?
This betting belongs to the category double bets. At these bets, you bet on both the standing at half-time as well as the result after the full time. That’s the only difference at these bets. This type of bet is very similar to score- cast/win- cast betting. The most important thing to know is that a halftime/fulltime bet can be only won if you have predicted the half-time standing and the full-time result correctly. This event has to be interrupted by e a break, and that’s the only precondition of this bet.
Quick Example Of A Bet And How The Odds Usually Apply.
The following table will help you to understand this betting strategy by giving you a visual overview of a halftime/fulltime bet. The odds that are indicated in the table will show the differences between the nine different outcomes of a game and are realistic.
Tip Halftime Fulltime Odds 1/1 Home-team leads Home-team wins 3,25 1/X Home-team leads Draw 13,50 ВЅ Home-team leads Away-team wins 28,25 X/1 Draw Home-team wins 5,50 X/X Draw Draw 5,10 X/2 Draw Away-team wins 10,25 2/1 Away-team wins Home-team wins 23,50 2/X Away-team wins Draw 13,75 2/2 Away-team wins Away-team wins 6,20.
We have chosen three bets from the German Bundesliga as a practical example and have decided for three different halftime/ full-time bets. The first bet is a 2/1 bet where we bet on an away-team lead at halftime and a bet on a home-team win after 90 minutes. The second bet is a bet on a halftime home-team lead and a home-team win at fulltime a classic 1/1 bet. So this second bet is as easy as it appears. In the third one we have guessed that the home-team leads after 45 minutes but in the end, the two teams will draw.
Which Sports Are Good For Halftime/Fulltime Bets?
Almost in every sport, the popularity of this betting form spreads out. As long as the games are separated into, at least, two periods you can bet at a variety of different sports, as mentioned earlier. Other sports like American football, rugby or basketball have often been used for halftime/ full-time bets.
Can You Make Money Out Of This Halftime/Fulltime Betting Concept?
Because of their usual high odds, these bets are most admired. The bets on a team to lead at halftime but to lose at fulltime usually go along with the odds between 20 and 30. We suggest you to specialize on favorite wins to play halftime/ full-time bets profitably.
You should look for games in which the home-team (the favorite) got the odds of about 1, 50 to win. Then you can place two single bets. In the first one, you bet 1/1. That means that you are betting on the home team to lead after 45 minutes and a home-team to win after 90 minutes. Place an X/1 bet as a second bet where the half-time standing can be a Draw but in the end, the home-team goes away with the win again. You can get the most profit out of these bets in this way. This strategy has been described as the most lucrative, and that can be recognized immediately. Due to the high odds of the halftime/fulltime bets, this is because even if you guess every third bet wrong you will still gain money.

Half Time/Full Time Correct Score – Sites ✅ Predictions Tips ✅ Stats ✅
The main difference between half time full time and half time full time correct score is that instead of selecting how many goals are going to be in the match, you are predicting who will win in each half of the match.
Best Betting Sites for “HT/FT Correct score”
What's in this article.
Top Tips for Half Time Full Time Correct Score Predictions.
In the 2018/19 Premier League season, one of the last games of the season saw Everton Travel to North London to face Tottenham. The match finished 2-2, so if you bet a draw, congratulations. However, in the first half Tottenham were 1-0 up going into half time, which meant the second half finished 1-2 to Everton. A combined bet for Tottenham to win the first half 1-0 and Everton to win the second 2-1 were approximately 18/1, Meaning a 10 pound bet would have brought in 180 pounds.
Days and hours can be spent on the internet seeking to find not only the best odds, but the best site in general for certain markets. Truthfully, it all depends on which market and bet type you wish to look into. Regarding half time/full time correct score bets, it’s important to have good odds , easy selections and multiple correct score options.
The stats don’t lie is a great site for getting an understanding on what teams to bet on. The site gives in depth detail of each team from across the globe in order for you to know who is most likely to score in either half. Predicting the winner of each half is much easier than predicting the score, this is why we encourage you to do some research before placing your bet. Below is a table showing which teams won at home and away in either half of all the matches they played last season:
As You can see, Arsenal played 19 games at home and away, however looking at the stats, they were clearly much better at home in the first half. However, second half they had one of the best records at winning away. This information is extremely key when deciding who to put your money on. It is also very important to check form and how the teams playing have done against each other in recent years. For example, if Wolves are playing Burnley, it’s important to see who has won more of the past encounters, specifically the most recent ones. This information can be found very easily on windrawin . Here you can see the from the teams are in and how they have done in recent fixtures.
Please be aware that checking form and statistics is not guaranteed to make you a fortune for half time/full time correct score betting markets, however it will definitely increase your chance. Nobody can prevent a major upset, but majority if the times that there is an upset it’s due to the fact that the favorite had some players missing/injured and new players have had to step up. If you follow the links provided and do your research, you might just be able to spot an upset on the horizon.
It is also key to find out if any of the key players are injured/suspended for the match you wish to bet on, or even any transfers. For this information we recommend taking a look at sports news sites such as Sky Sports News.
In a nutshell, these are our main top tips:
Pros and Cons to Half Time /Full Time Correct Score.
Candidly, there are pros and cons to all bet slips, whether it be a 15 game accumulator or a first goal scorer wager . With half time / fulltime correct score, you are given the opportunity to not only win multiple bets at a time, but also gain a bigger pay out. Let me explain;
There is a match between West Ham and Manchester City and it’s the first game of the opening premier League Season 2019/20. I have predicted that the first half will be a 0-0 draw, however Pep Guardiola Will fire up his players and Man City will become victorious winning 0-2 by full time.
If this bet comes in not only would West Ham be extremely upset, however I would have won 80 pounds for a 5 pound bet. The odds change depending on who you think will win each half and how many goals will be scored.
It’s important to note that some sites offer you to choose the correct score in the first half or second half only. Whereas other sites (Such as the example given above) will combine the odds for first and second half correct score, giving you a bigger pay out. If you select the first option, then you can place a wager on the first half score, and once it’s come in, you can the relax watching the second half knowing you have won already.
Half Time /Full Time Correct Score in Bet Builders and Cash outs.
With sites such as Betfair, you can actually cashout just part of your winnings, and leave the rest of the bet amount in on the bet still. This way if you do end up winning, not only have you cashed out previously, but you also have the win amount from the bet. When betting on half time/full time correct score markets, your first half bet may have come through but you’re still waiting for the second half to finish. If you have a feeling that this isn’t going to come in, you can cashout a percentage of your win amount in order to save you the heartache of losing.
With sites such as Bet365, they have introduced what they like to call a bet builder. Essentially giving you the opportunity to create your own bet and the site will give you the odds for it. This also allows you to combine bets that you would not normally see together.
For example, you can choose The half time score, the full time score and half time score will be 0-0 to create one single bet with the price for the combined selections. You can make up to 6 selections and please note this is only for soccer. Once you have created your Bet, you simply select add to bet slip and as you can see below, you then decide how much you wish to stake on it.
Half Time /Full Time betting on other sports.
This part is fairly straight forward to get your head around. If you can think of a sport that is played with two halves, then you can probably bet on half time/full time correct score and that's one of the reasons so many betting sites have this market in their offer Over the years the increase in this type of bets has rocketed, especially in sports such as:
Obviously other sports exist to bet in this way, however, these are the main one’s. The key to betting on these sports is to not take the same approach as soccer, as the statistics differ from season to season. For example, in Rugby, the winners of the Super League have changed every year, unlike in football, where Manchester City have dominated for a long period of time. Doing a background check before you place the wager is probably a good idea. Check our extensive guide to Rugby Betting here.
Half Time /Full Time Correct Score in a nutshell.
Honestly, half time/full time correct score is just another way for you to bet differently on the game. The main differences are that you are more likely to win bigger than if you were to just bet for an outright winner. The reason being is simply due to the fact that you have less chance of winning. You can increase your chances however by looking at statistics and previous encounters that the teams have had in the past. Regardless of what you decide, look carefully, compare odds, review the stats and most importantly have fun doing it.

What Does Betting On Halftime And Full Time Score Mean?
Soccer is a game where every minute is crucial. It is one of the games that offer enormous possibilities to bet. The teams and their performances keep the gamblers on their toes. A possibility of winning money from the conditions developing during the game, or at the very start of the game makes this sport the bettors’ heaven. Further, the games happening throughout the year with hardly any dry spell, the gamblers can make soccer betting a full-time vocation.
Gambling becomes more exciting when more markets are developed from a single match. One such bet that bases the teams’ performance during both halves for creating earning opportunity is a half-time full-time score bet. Let’s explore this bet a little more deeply through the following questions.
What are various results’ variations that comprise halftime and full-time score bet?
The halftime fulltime score is dependent entirely on numbers and the actual action happening on the field. Bettors need to speculate which team will score in either or both halves correctly. Some of the possible variations in the halftime full-time score situations are:
A/B: Team A scores goals in the first half and team B does not. In the second half, team B makes a comeback and increases its score. So, half time win belongs to team A, and fulltime win belongs to team B, provided team B has scored more goals than team A in the second half. A/A: Team A only scores goals in both halves of the match, and Team B fails to score any goal in the match in question. The bettors who predict team A to win both halves will win this bet. X/A: Both teams score nil goals in the first half, but in the second half, only team A scores goals or scores goals more than team B. It makes the team A winner of the match and also of the second half. Punters betting upon draw in the first half and team A’s win in the second half win this bet. A/X: Only team A scores goals in the first half and team B makes a comeback in the second half and equals the score, ending the game in a draw. So, the punters who only predicted the match to end in a draw will win this bet. X/X: Both teams score an equal number of goals in the first and second half, ending the game in a draw. This will be represented as an X/X bet.
The punters need to be correct for both half-time and full-time results to earn money in half-time full-time score bet.
What criteria are to be analyzed to predict a half-time full-time score bet?
It takes a thorough and correct analysis of the game and players’/teams’ performances to predict the halftime full-time score bet. Some of the obvious outcomes make for a safe half-time full-time score bet.
For example, a strong team playing against the weaker one can give assured results to bettors who predict A/A as the result. Such correctness and confidence in results emanate from the in-depth analysis of strategies.
The correctness of strategy analysis depends upon the following criteria considered:
Players’ statistics: An in-depth research on player performance at home and away grounds, injuries suffered, assists made, etc. form the basis of analysis while predicting results like A/A, X/X, etc. Home and away wins: The bettors need to analyze home wins and away wins to predict the outcome in halftime full-time score bets. Current statistics: The biggest mistake would be to make predictions entirely on the performance in the previous seasons. The current form of a player/team can topple the results completely, which is why changes in the team and other announcements should always be kept in mind. Off-the-field developments: In-field performance is highly affected by off-field developments that directly impact the morale of the team. Thus, all managerial changes, player transfers, etc. can be analyzed to make predictions on halftime full-time score bet. Team playing strategies: Some teams choose to remain aggressive throughout the match, while others make a surprise comeback after draining the opponent team off the strategies and energy at the last minute. Thus, playing strategy can help predict betting outcomes like X/X, X/A, and others.
Is it safe to rely only on past numbers to predict halftime full-time score bets?
Certainly not! Past numbers are a thing of the past and don’t dictate the present conditions entirely. The bettors need to be fully versed and prepared for any team emerging as an underdog and toppling the whole math. The leagues commence on a very different note and may have various surprise knockouts which make current statistics a lot more important for predicting successfully.
That is why there is a big scope for tipster websites to enter the scene and provide some research-backed tips to the bettors. The tipster website can make up for the uncertainty and give added peace of mind while trying hands on the halftime full-time score bet.
How can one make more money from halftime full-time score bets?
Halftime full-time score bets create more earning opportunities from a single match. The bettors can take advantage of this situation only when they have done their homework correctly, and laid hands on the most reliable statistics or tips providers. Some of the ways that help extract more money from the halftime full-time bets are:
Place bets mostly on the odds that favor the strong team: It is called going for the odd and works exactly the same here as it does in all other betting markets. Go for the highest odd providing site: Every tipster or betting site has different odds for the same halftime full-time score bet. So, when you know that outcome of the bet is quite evident, you must shop around and pick the site where the bet has the highest returns. Try to go for this bet in the middle of the season: The middle of the season is the time when teams have played enough matches to offer a pattern to analyze. Thus, it makes sense when you are predicting the next game’s halftime full-time score outcomes on reaching this phase. The decision will be made mostly on the current scheme of things and will have a backing of the research too, allowing you to be more sure of the win by betting in the following games.
Halftime full-time correct score is a combination of both short-term and full-term bets common to soccer games. This bet takes into account the teams’/players’ current and past performances and gives fabulous returns, but only when both the bets emerge into a win. With the help of correct tools and support from tipsters, the bettors can earn significant returns from this combo bet.

Half Time Full Time Bet Explained.
A half-time/full-time bet is one wager with two parts to it. It is most commonly used in football betting but can be found across other sports. It asks for the half-time and the full-time results to be accurately predicted.
Table of Contents.
What is a Half-Time Full-Time bet?
The half-time/full-time bet, which is also simply referred to as HT/FT, is a forecast of the half-time and full-time results in one match. Even though this is just a bet with a single stake unit against it, it requires both predictions to be right in order for the bet to win. If just one of the predictions are wrong within it, the bet loses.
It’s important to note that this bet isn’t the results of two individual halves of the game. For example, if you have taken a Man City/Chelsea HT/FT bet, that’s not suggesting that Man City win the first half and Chelsea win the second half. It means that Man City are winning at half-time and Chelsea will win the match outright at 90 minutes.
So in a Man City/Man City bet for example, the Citizens could be leading 3-0 at half time, but lose the second half 2-0. The bet still wins as City would win the match outright by a 3-2 scoreline.
How does a HT/FT bet work?
You will see a half-time/full-time bet option presented as something like Manchester City/Manchester City or Draw/Manchester City. For a given football match there are nine different combinations of HT/FT bets that can happen.
For example in a match between Man City and Chelsea, these are the available HT/FT options:
1 = Home Win 2 = Away Win X = Draw.
Half-Time Full-Time Conditions 1/1 Man City Man City Man City to be leading at Half-Time and at Full-Time X/1 Draw Man City The game to be level at Half-Time, but Man City win at Full-Time X/X Draw Draw The game level at both Half-Time and Full-Time 2/1 Chelsea Man City Chelsea are leading at Half-Time, but Man City are winning at Full-Time 2/X Chelsea Draw Chelsea are leading at Half-Time, but the game ends in a draw 1/X Man City Draw Man City are leading at Half-Time, but the game ends in a draw 2/2 Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea lead at both Half-Time and win the game X/2 Draw Chelsea The game is level at Half-Time, but Chelsea win the game 1/2 Man City Chelsea Man City are ahead at Half-Time, but Chelsea win the game.
Winning example of a Half-Time Full-Time bet in Football.
Manchester City are enjoying a strong season on home soil, but you think Chelsea can keep themselves in the game at half-time. So you back a Draw/Man City HT/FT bet at 3/1 odds. The half-time score in the fixture is 0-0 and then Manchester City indeed find their winning touch and score the only goal of the game in the second half of the fixture. From a ВЈ1 stake that is a ВЈ4 total return (including stake).
Losing example of a Half-Time Full-Time bet in Football.
Sticking with the same Draw/Man City HT/FT bet, what could cause it to lose? A lot of things really. Remember that it is one of nine HT/FT options that could have been chosen for the game. In this example, the teams walk off 0-0 at half-time. But then Chelsea continue their defensive efforts in the second half and the game ends at 0-0 as well.
The entire bet is lost. Even though the half-time prediction part was correct, the result at full-time wasn’t and so the bet loses. Both predictions have to be exactly right for the bet to return.
Half-Time Full-Time bet rules.
Half-time/full-time bet rules only apply to 90-minute betting markets in a match. So for example, if it is a cup game where extra time is played, only the result at 90 minutes stands for the bet.
What is a HT/FT Correct Score bet?
If you wanted to look even further into the HT/FT options you can, for longer odds, look at predicting the correct score at both half-time and full-time. It works exactly the same as the regular HT/FT bet, but you have to get the exact scores correct at the end of both halves. An example would be Man City 1-0 half-time/Man City 2-1 full-time.
Half-Time Full-Time Strategy and Analysis.
This is a bet where you can apply a bit of analysis. The general usage of a HT/FT bet is in the scenario when you have a strong team going in a bit of a one-sided match. To highlight this, a Premier League match of Tottenham v West Ham had Tottenham at 2/5 to win outright because they were such heavy favourites at home.
However, the option of a Tottenham/Tottenham Half-Time/Full-Time bet was at 11/10, much more attractive odds. You would still need the overall outcome of Spurs winning the match to happen, but you would add the extra contingency that they would need to be leading at half-time too.
So would it be worth the risk? That is where stats come in. Looking at the stats for the season, Spurs had won six of their last seven home games, so the overall outcome looked a good proposition of a Tottenham win. They had also kept a clean sheet in 41% of home games, so they weren’t likely to concede heavily in the game. They had been leading at the half-time break in 8 of 17 home games.
However, looking at the stats Spurs had been leading at half-time in just two of their most recent home games, which of course suggested that they had been more prolific in the second half of fixtures recently. So perhaps for the HT/FT market a Draw/Tottenham bet at 10/3 offered more value. You can’t judge a bet from looking at just one team, so a glance at West Ham’s half-time away stats, saw that they had only been losing at the break in five away games all season. So that suggested that indeed the half-time draw was a more viable option.
So that is an example of how you would use stats to try and weigh up the two options in a half-time/full-time bet. Never take notice of stats from a league table early in the season. After say just four or five games for example, stats are going to be lopsided (for example a newly promoted team wins their first three home games against weak opposition, but are still likely to be relegated over the course of the season).
But once you are into the season well, say around ten games gone, you can look at the overall league stats to see the frequency of half-time results as well. What you will commonly find, season after season is that the draw is the most frequent half-time result.
How to place a Half-Time Full-Time bet on Bet365?
The half-time/full-time market at Bet365 is near the top of the listings for an individual game. It sits under the Full-Time Result, Double Chance and Correct Score markets. The nine different options that are available in a HT/FT market for a given match are all listed. So it is a matter of picking the one option that best suits your requirements, based on your study of the stats!
About Lee Jackson.
Lee has built a vast working knowledge of different bet types, betting systems, probability and all-important experience. His experience within the betting industry extends to over a decade of researching and writing betting guides. Understanding the statistical and mathematical side of betting is something that fascinates Lee. The study of statistics and implied probability in odds are factors that he finds engaging and important to understanding the inner workings of the practice of betting.

Halftime Fulltime Bet Explained: Systems, Fixed Matches & Tips.
A complete online betting guide that explores the realm of half time full time bets and the dodgy aspects to avoid when making them.
Even though Halftime/Fulltime betting market can be offered for a wide variety of sports events that are split into at least two periods, football betting is leading the way of other sports like basketball, handball and rugby. This double bet is based on the score at two points in the event, namely halftime and fulltime. Bear in mind that you’re dealing with 8 alternative scenarios each time you place a wager on this market.
Confused already? Wait till you see our fascinating HT/FT betting system…
We’ll introduce you to a peculiar halftime fulltime betting strategy, and we’ll show you a practical example to get you going. It’s time to roll up your sleeves!
Quickly navigate to your desired topic :
Half Time Full Time Market Explained HT/FT Fixed Matches HT/FT Betting System Win Both Halves vs HT/FT.
Half Time Full Time Market Explained.
The halftime/fulltime bet meaning shouldn’t be too hard to understand if you’re familiar with sports betting. It’s basically the Halftime 1X2 and Fulltime 1X2 markets combined into a single bet. To win this kind of wager, you must correctly predict the outcome of the game at half-time, then also the right result after the full time.
HT/FT bet explained – This bet type has 9 possible outcomes:
BET HALFTIME FULLTIME ODDS X/1 Draw Home Team Wins 4.35 1/1 Home Team Leads Home Team Wins 2.08 1/X Home Team Leads Draw 16 1/2 Home Team Leads Away Team Wins 51 X/X Draw Draw 6.75 X/2 Draw Away Team Wins 14 2/X Away Team Leads Draw 16 2/2 Away Team Leads Away Team Wins 11.5 2/1 Away Team Leads Home Team Wins 20.
We’ve used the odds offered by Unibet for Tottenham’s Premier League game against Crystal Palace for this example. Although we’re not referring to one of our recommended bookmakers, this reputable betting site is only offering 82.52% payout on this HT/FT market. For the classic 1X2 market, by contrast, the same online bookie is offering betting odds with a far higher payout of 97.57%, so that’s definitely something worth keeping in mind.
With the prices being so low on HT/FT predictions, it is safe to say that anybody who claims to have a guaranteed soccer halftime/fulltime system is nothing more than dreamer or a hustler. However, there is something you can do to increase your chances of winning . We’ used an odds comparison website to compile the best odds for this Premier League match, and using a dutching calculator we’ve managed to get a virtual 96.2% payout for this market (it would be more or less the same if we’d picked a Europa League or Champions League match for example. In short, always remember to shop around for the best odds when applying your favourite HT/FT betting system.
HT/FT Fixed Matches.
Why are half time full-time tips so fashionable these days? Well, unfortunately, this is the result of the work done by scam artists. The complete turnarounds are usually priced the highest, so bets like 1/2 and 2/1 are some of the best-priced odds you can find for any football match (respectively 51 and 20 in our practical example).
As many naive punters are hoping to change their fortunes overnight, hustlers have started using these enticing odds to fool the crowd. Before, they used to go with the Over 6.5 Goals tip, but nowadays they’re much better off with the double bet type 1/2 or 2/1. No wonder there are so many Facebook Groups and websites allegedly offering HT/FT 100% sure fixed matches .
We’ve used Google to see how popular these half time full time bet tips are, and so can you. Anyway, we’ve already done the work for you. This is what people search for:
real fixed matches free buy fixed matches daily fixed matches ht/ft free tips free fixed matches no payment ht ft pro tips etc.
That should be enough to get an idea of the sorts of searches that were being made. People looking for halftime fulltime free football predictions, as punters are willing to pull their money out of their pocket for HT FT fixed matches. It’s ridiculous but true. We’ve already tackled this subject in another post, so we won’t dwell on the matter any longer.
Things can get even crazier than that. In fact, there are swindlers out there on the internet offering Half Time Full Time Correct Score predictions. They’re going contrary to savvy bettors, who’d rather focus on half time predictions while watching the live video of the match than take a huge gamble before kickoff.
HT/FT Betting System.
Even though the payout isn’t that great, there is a niche group interested in halftime fulltime betting strategies. Everybody knows they have to go through HT/FT stats to boost the likelihood of nailing it, but how to predict HT FT matches is a much more sophisticated technique. Developing a model based on half time full-time stats is generally the go-to approach in this case. However, nothing can replace a proper betting strategy to go with it.
Caution : There are many flawed HT/FT betting systems out there pretending to be legit, like the Double HT/FT Betting System, but the problem with these is that they’re complicating things for no good reason. For instance, the system we linked to presents the punter with fewer chances of winning (Away/Home is missing) and lower odds then he’d get by backing the two home wins on a single slip.

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