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what does correct score mean in betting
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п»їCorrect Score Betting Type Explained.
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you must be wondering what the betting type called correct score is all about.the correct score betting type is one of the most difficult betting type because you don't know if the outcome of the match will end in your favour.most at times their odds is usually high because the sport bookies knows what is at stake.
online betting website such as nairabet, merrybet, bet365 etc, most time give high odds on correct score option due to the risk involved.Correct Score has to do with Predicting the exact score at the end of normal time (full time). Scores are quotes as "Home Team Score - Away Team Score" . Example: Bet Your type Score Odds manchester vs Chelsea, (Correct score) 1-1 0r 1-0 or 2-0 or 2-2 etc. You win only if the match ends in favour of the correct score you predicted, lets say maybe in a 1-1 draw, and lose if there is any other outcome at the end of the game.
what this simply means is that, the score lines would have already been given by the sports bookies and you just have to choose the score line you see as the correct could be 0-0, 1-0, 1-1, 2-0, 2-1, 2-2 if your prediction come through, you will be smiling to the bank.but any other outcome apart from the correct score you choose, then you have lost the game if you have not created NAIRABET ACCOUNT , CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR FREE.

Correct Score Bet Explained.
A correct score bet is a straightforward prediction of what the final scoreline of a football match will be. Variations are found in other sports events, such as the Set Betting market for tennis matches.
Table of Contents.
What is a Correct Score bet?
In the correct score market for a football match, the bookmaker presents the punter with a long list of possible options. These will range from the most common returns such as the 1-1 draw, 1-0 or 2-1 victories right through to the rarities of things like a 6-1 victory for a team.
The correct score bet isn’t just linked to the actual score. You don’t pick a 2-1 result and it applies to either team winning by that margin. A correct score bet has to be the exact scoreline for the team you select to win by that scoreline. Obviously, if you predict a scoreline that is a draw, that doesn’t apply.
How does a Correct Score bet work?
For a big Merseyside derby of Liverpool v Everton you go and look at the Correct Score market. Perhaps the shortest priced option is the 1-1 draw (it commonly is so) at 6/1 odds, but you think Liverpool can get the win at Anfield in a tight game, so you predict a Liverpool 2-1 correct score.
That is the only outcome, a Liverpool 2-1 scoreline, that will pay out. There will be no returns if Liverpool win the match but not by that exact scoreline. So if they win 2-0 for example, the bet is lost. Also if Everton won 2-1, then the bet still loses because while the scoreline was right, the result in the match wasn’t correct.
That is why in the correct score market you will see options listed as Liverpool 2-0, Draw 1-1, Liverpool 2-1, Everton 1-0 and so on, so you know the scoreline is tied to the outcome.
The odds in the Correct Score market are generous. That is because you are trying to make a forecast that is a difficult thing to do. You could back a home win for Liverpool at 1-0 scoreline because Liverpool have been earning a lot of clean sheets. But something unpredictable like them conceding a penalty can throw that bet out of the window. It is a very unpredictable market at the best of times, with the probability of predicting the correct score low.
Winning example of a Correct Score bet in Football.
Going back to the Merseyside derby, you back Liverpool at 7/1 for a 2-1 victory and you play a ВЈ1 stake on the bet. At the final whistle, Liverpool have indeed secured a win by exactly a 2-1 scoreline. You are paid out at the full 7/1 odds for an ВЈ8 return (including ВЈ1 original stake).
Losing example of a Correct Score bet in Football.
Liverpool were selected to win 2-1 in their game against Everton. Things didn’t go to plan for your bet, as Liverpool did win the match, but they posted a 3-0 victory. Despite them winning, the bet loses, as you get nothing for the predicting the outcome of the match alone. That exact correct score has to be there and because the result was not a 2-1 win for Liverpool, the entire stake is lost.
How does a Correct Score Double work?
You are able to build a correct score double. However, you can’t select two different correct score options from the same match in one bet. Your two Correct Score selections have to be from different games.
For the correct score double then to win, you have to have the exact outcome of both of predicted score lines come good. You will return nothing from the bet at all if just one of the selections are correct. If the bet wins, the returns from the first leg are multiplied by the second to calculate winnings.
So for example, if the first leg was a 5/1 winner (6.00 decimal) and the second a 6/1 (7.0 decimal) winner from a ВЈ1 stake, that would be a ВЈ42 return. 6.00 x 7.00 = 42.
Correct Score Strategy.
Correct score bets are very difficult to get right. There is just so much unpredictability in a game of football. A simple strategy for correct score betting is to stick with the most common results. Take a look at a league table for the season and the stats for the most frequent score lines to get guidance.
You will commonly see that results like 1-1, 1-0, 2-0, 2-1 are the most popular, along with a 1-2 away win. So you can see from the score lines that home wins are favoured the most. So look for a strong home team and narrow down the options to the most common ones.
Can you place a Correct Score Accumulator?
It is possible to play a correct score accumulator. It works just the same as any other type of acca. You select your picks from different games and for an accumulator, you are looking for at least four different correct score predictions. The odds in the bet will be cumulative, meaning that they are multiplied together to give you your odds payout. So while the difficulty in getting the bet right is high, a small stake could be risked against the potentially large odds.
How to place a Correct Score bet on Bet365?
The first thing to do is find the match for which you want to play a correct score bet on at Bet365. Once you have browsed to the game, right at the top of the market listings for that game you will see Full-Time Result and Double Chance markets. Directly beneath that is the correct score market. The market is operated by sliders. You move the home team slider to the value of how many goals you think they will score in the match and do the same for the away side. You will see the represented odds change as you move the sliders. Then click the odds to put the selection in your bet slip to place the bet.
About Lee Jackson.
Lee has built a vast working knowledge of different bet types, betting systems, probability and all-important experience. His experience within the betting industry extends to over a decade of researching and writing betting guides. Understanding the statistical and mathematical side of betting is something that fascinates Lee. The study of statistics and implied probability in odds are factors that he finds engaging and important to understanding the inner workings of the practice of betting.

What do sports betting lines mean?
Share this article.
If that sounds like you, we’re here to assist you. If you’ve stared at a board at a sportsbook or just seen spreads and moneylines on the Internet and been utterly confused, don’t worry. It’s not just you. Those numbers can be confounding.
But hopefully, once you’re done reading this, you’ll completely understand how they work. As you prepare to dive into the world of sports betting, here’s a breakdown of how the lines work, starting with …
It would be really easy to bet on a game if you could put money on a heavy favorite to win.
That’s where point spreads come in. Let’s look at an example:
In this case, you can bet on either two outcomes: you can put money on the Eagles to win the game by 4.5 points OR MORE, which makes them the favorites. Or you can bet that the Giants will either win or lose by LESS THAN 4.5 points. They’re the underdogs.
Now, sometimes the spread “moves” during the days leading up to the game. Perhaps the Eagles’ spread ends up being -3.5 (in which they must win by 3.5 points or more to give you a victory in your bet). Your bet all depends on whichever spread you bet on, whether it was when the Eagles were favored by 4.5 or 3.5 points.
If you ever see “PK” or “pick” next to a team, it means there’s no spread and you can bet on who will win, no matter what the score is.
Let’s take that same example above but use moneylines:
The team with a minus symbol is the favorite, and the number is how much money you would need to bet to win $100. In this case, you would have to bet $200 on the Eagles in order to win an additional $100.
Note that you can bet any amount you want, but those numbers are always calculated and posted the same way, either in how much money you would need to wager to win $100 or how much money you could win by wagering $100.
If you’re betting on something like the team who will win the Super Bowl in the future, you might see it look like this:
New England Patriots — 3/1 Baltimore Ravens — 5/1 Kansas City Chiefs — 8/1.
If you were betting on the Patriots and their 3/1 odds, you would win $3 for every $1 you spend. So if you bet $50 on the Pats and they ended up winning the Super Bowl, you’d win $150 (plus your original wager) back.

What does correct score mean in betting?
The game of football is all about goals and a lot of football fans across the world place bets on it. The bookmakers offer a wide number of betting options on this game. Betting on football is a fun for many and there are endless betting opportunities available making this game more exciting. But today, football betting has become one of the lucrative ways to earn money. If you are a big football fan and want to make good money from it, then make sure that you choose the best betting odds online. One of the most common and popular type of football betting is predicting the final score of the game. This is called correct score bet and is highly attractive for its simplicity.
But, is it really easy to predict the correct final score of the match and is it really worth to place bets on this?
Let’s understand first, what is correct score betting?
Correct Score in Betting.
It’s not easy to predict the exact football results since any football match can end at 0-0,4-0, 3-0, 1-0, 3-3 or any one from a number of scores. And, this is the challenge which makes correct score betting market more exciting. The rewards from this game are excellent when you predict the exact score. This kind of betting is straightforward where you need to select the correct score and if the final score of the game at the end matches your prediction, you will win.
Apart from this, one can also place correct score bets on half time and odds are too long for these bets. Let’s have a look at some of the popular correct score bets types:
Full time Periods and extra time Halftime/Fulltime Accumulator.
Bigger bookmaker sites let the punters bet on different intervals of the match. The bettors can make multiple correct score predictions in the accumulator bet and this kind of bet is highly profitable. To place the winning bets, getting predictions from expert tipsters will be a great idea.
There is no particular betting strategy involved which can assure the sure shot win in correct score betting but using a good strategy will be of great help. Once you start betting on correct score, you will realize how frustrating it could be when done wrong. There are some factors affecting the correct score predictions including:
Red cards Mistakes Wrongly allowed goals Penalties Own goals.
All these elements affect the football match and a proper betting strategy and statistical analysis may turn your bets into winnings. If you are looking for the best correct score predictions , choosing the right football prediction site will be of great help.
Look beyond the odds.
It is always better to look at the ways giving an edge in correct score market. At first, the correct score betting odds may look very attractive or tempting with huge prices. With such big prices, there is also a greater margin for errors too. It is always good to make comparisons which making correct score predictions . To win the correct score betting, one needs to develop some kind of strategy or get predictions from the expert tipsters.
How to make Correct Score Predictions?
By following a simple statistics, one can start to develop a perfect strategy to find come unpredictable results and win the game. Let’s have a look at these statistics:
Head to head results: Some teams in football matches have more common head to head results than others. This factor can surely help in predicting the correct score. Latest results : The recent results of the matches can give certain outline which can affect the decisions. There are chances that a team may not have scored many goals at home or there is another team which is winning all matches clearly. Historical data: Searching the historical league matches will allow you to find the most common score lines. In many top leagues, 70% of the matches end with scoring 2 goals or less for both teams and around 50-60% of the matches end with 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-0 or 0-0 score lines. Don’t just rely on statistics: It is always better to check the form of each team and how many goals do they have scored at their home and away matches? Check if any of the players are suspended or if there is any injured player in the team as it may impact the overall team performance? Select the most common results : According the mathematical data and statistics, the football match scores around 2.6 goals on an average. And, it will be a great idea if you make correct score predictions this way to increase your winning chances.
Correct Score Betting Tips.
Apart from the above, you can do some more things which can help you to make correct score predictions :
Avoid high scores Avoid betting on 0-0 Look for the low scoring games Look for the defensively strong teams Look at the team’s corner record Always shots on target.
If you believe that a match is low scoring, you can choose betting on more than one correct score to see a profit. This task or making strategies to win game may seem tough and getting tips from top predictions sites will surely help you to turn your bets into winning.
We all know very well that this game of football is unpredictable and following a good strategy may assure your winning in this game. It is important to study all these trends along with current form of team to make an exact correct score predictions .
Using the expert tips from the top prediction sites will stand you in good stead. However, it is important to remember that there is still some risk when it comes to making correct score predictions and you should always bet as much as your pocket allows. By sticking to this rule, you will definitely enjoy the betting while making predictions on correct score market.

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