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Europäisch Gokkun
And rocks my cock Gokkun thor hammer Jesus spook. You're scawy! the son of this 14-year-old, looked, it immediately became disgusting. He was pimply all over, his face was elongated, and he was like a horse. Yes, he stares at me and licks his lips, like a cat on sour cream. I answer that for nothing, even kill! ”“ No, ”he says,“ I will not kill you. But I'll throw it out on the street. Do you understand, you fool, what is this contract for the company? After all, it has not yet been signed, Pedro is deliberately pulling. Well, tell me, did I have options? They sent their cook somewhere, Baba Yaga, who, dad and son, lead me into the bedroom by the arms. The puppy can't resist, he strokes me all the time. I started with the ass, then the chest, then climbs under the skirt. The pubis touches, sneaks into the crack. What about me? Push him away? Stupid. So I go, as if to the slaughter, with his hand darting under the dress. All red, of course. It's a shame when such an ignoramus paws you shamelessly. Not appeased. I also thought of an armhole on my chest to pull me forward. Goes, stares there. He is on my shoulder, just the head is at the level of the armpit, so he almost got into my bosom with his nose. Played with a finger with a papilla. The first impulse was - to push it away, then I think, why? What will change? Here dad also tells him where, they say, in a hurry, all the same now yours will be, so you will have enough fun. And you will see enough, and you will touch it wherever you want. Can you imagine how it feels to me to hear that? We went into the room. They ordered to undress. The most. And slowly. So that Louis can evaluate me piece by piece. Standing, looking, drooling, all the time licking his lips with his tongue. Then all sorts of poses were forced, he felt all the time. I’m already crimson, but they’re not enough. They said to lie down and spread their legs. He studied the perineum in parts - he pawed, pulled back. Finger climbed into the vagina, rustling there. I tolerate. I just think - I wonder if he washed his hands? Then, finally, into me. I can't wait for this shame to end. No excitement, of course. It didn't take long. Not like my father. Just got in, pushed a couple of times - that's it! Splashed out. But it's not enough for him, dad thinks. The youngster had to do a blowjob. Then he again into me. That's it. This contract was signed, of course. Yes, on very favorable terms. The boss gave me one and a half pieces. This is only from myself. And two more from the Brazilian in gratitude. Yes. Not every time, of course, this is on business trips, but it happened. Chapter 6. Fenka Oh, that this is me all about myself, and about myself.Although it was hard at times for me, the money in the family felt much better. They knew about my connection with Boris, of course. But they considered it an ordinary novel. True, the grandmother - her views are completely old-fashioned - asked how it is, he is married, and is not he going to divorce, but what about marriage. You would know what it really is. I had to change clothes at home so that no one could see the traces of the flogging, even always bathed alone. Whenever I see someone from afar, I immediately throw on the dressing gown. But my mother quit cleaning, my money was now enough for all four of us. Although Fenka, my youngest sister, worked as a babysitter twice a week, but it was her personal cash, she did not give it to her family. I'm all in a common pot. We bought a cheap Ford. We got our driver's license two months after our arrival, through "Dzhuyka" (this is JVS - help for Jewish immigrants), so the rules were taught according to the Russian version. But there was no car, although here it is not a luxury at all, but a necessity, so how to get where, I had to suffer. They also changed the apartment, got it a little. The apartment is new, by the way, Boris himself helped to choose, and he also knocked out some discount. In a nice neighborhood Well, how are we doing? - asked Fabio. - Have you already started designing new hotels? , At first he was even interested in the exposition. He slowly walked along the walls and a panorama of erotic history opened in front of him, starting from the Iron Age (graceful mobsters, bronze phalluses), then the remains of a charred wooden bed, which he first took for the skeleton of a Viking boat, stone tombstones for famous chickens amusements like old cathedrals, various belts of shame, extracts from laws on prostitution and charters of houses of tolerance, all collected and kept with the greatest care, for it is to this heritage that Riga owes its glory of the erotic Mecca of Eastern Europe. .

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